Biomasses: good news

Good news from the world of biomasses. The ANSA reports such as Italian South Tyrol hosts 71 biomass district heating plants that supply homes with heat with 24 of these plants that are also producing and supplying energy.

The biomasses used are mainly, but not only, wood sourced locally. The  estimated savings are 86 million liters of diesel , which corresponds to a total reduction of 245,000 tons of CO2. The 71 district heating plants they produce more than 750 million kWh of heat , while the 24 plants that produce energy also totaled a production of over 60 million kWh. The district heating network in South Tyrol is about 788 km long and has about 15,000 connections , with a trend figure which appear constantly increasing . And it is a today’s news the inauguration of the first plant for the production of second generation biofuels . The plant is located in Piedmont, in Crescentino, and it is the biorefinery of the Beta Renewables owned by Group Mossi Ghisolfi . The biorefinery will produce about 75 million liters per year of ethanol from agricultural products and the residual model of production will be exported even in the United States. The cost of the investment amounts to 150 million euro , obtained for the most part through funding from the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme for research and development.